Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fiber Artist

This old gal posed for her photo shoot with pride. She was a quilter in her past, she sewed clothes for her children she made items for her home, but now as she matured she gave herself the freedom to experiment to take time to create beautifully fun art. She is holding her head up high proud of her journey.
This one was really hard to photograph, I think the contrast of face to body made it hard for the camera to get a light sensor. And the angle was off, because she is looking up and has a narrow hip it gave her an odd look. I can learn something new every day.

She stands on a sad iorn fabric in hand as a soldier would on a hill with a flag.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Date

I had an educational day following a friend around who happens to be a photographer and a good one at that. We started out at the state capitol to shoot a tree but the sun was to strong, at the information desk they told us about five Sequoia trees at Willamette University so off we went. Here are the five. The Giant Sequoia is the world’s largest tree and one of the most long lived. Willamette’s Star Trees are still young compared to many existing sequoias between 2,000 to 3,000 years old. These trees were planted just before Pearl Harbor.

From The Scene Magazine, “The five saplings would grow stories tall and create a star shape where they met the sky. Decades of young lovers would stand under their boughs to share a first kiss, which put them on the path to lasting love according to campus lore. And each year in December students would carol and a child would light the trees as townspeople came from miles around to experience old fashioned awe. The Star Trees, planted in a time of worldwide destruction, now encircle visitors with fragrant peace.
I was babysitting a friend’s farm and we hung out photographing small very cute animals. What a fun day.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Spot

Do you have a few favorite spots in your home or on your property, that kind of place that begs you to take a moment and enjoy. This is one of mine, its colors and warmth, the gentle light, art of friends and little lovely’s I have found. And now with summer and warm weather coming I will be able to spend time in a favorite outdoor room, ahhhh the little joys of life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journal Doll 2

I was thinking of all the little things that I love. She was modeled after the piece I bought from my friend Suzanne at our PAC show last year.
In one hand she is holding a red-winged blackbird who's song I adore in the other a marble that evokes old memories of little toys. At her base a small village,friends and community.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Journal Doll

She is all fabric and paint and stands about 10" tall.
She has some writing on her body.

I wanted to play with paint but did not want to use a canvas I also would love to keep a journal but can never quite get to that place. So I was thinking of some sort of sculpture that I can do both painting and writing. She is the first step. I have in mind some other ideas but think maybe my journal will have to be the object or pictures on the object. In this case the dolls colors tell a story for me, yesterday I was out with a friend and just before we went into a restaurant I saw a color palette that I really love, that rust on the bird was an old truck and the green and burgundy was a book store. It was all surrounded by white blossoming trees. I had to just sit in the car and soak up the colors for a second, on occasion people think artists are strange we just look at things with imaginative eyes.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Showers

I think she has a nice friendly face much younger than I have been making, must be spring.
Her umbrella is very old text in fact it is a German version of Oliver Twist.

Darn dandelions but they look good with the croquet ball.

I have said many times “April showers bring May flowers”. I’m not sure but it probably comes from this Al Jolson song. I Googled his name with the song and listened to it on u-tube, funny old song but still nice to hear.

Life is not a highway strewn with flowers,
Still it holds a goodly share of bliss,
When the sun gives way to April showers,
Here is the point you should never miss.

Though April showers may come your way,
They bring the flowers that bloom in May.
So if it's raining, have no regrets,
Because it isn't raining rain, you know, (It's raining violets,)
And where you see clouds upon the hills,
You soon will see crowds of daffodils,
So keep on looking for a blue bird, And list'ning for his song,
Whenever April showers come along.

And where you see clouds upon the hills,
You soon will see crowds of daffodils,
So keep on looking for a blue bird, And list'ning for his song,
Whenever April showers come along.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Date

Vitruvian Man 1490

Studies for the Trivulzio monument 1508-1511

Studies of the flowers 1481-1483

Anatomical studies 1509/10

Da Vinci – The Genius
Did you ever wonder why The Mona Lisa has no eyelashes or eyebrows? Or what color the paint was way back then? Did anyone ever try to hurt her? All these questions are answered at the exhibit along with some cool models of Leonardo’s inventions. They show a few videos and have some books about him in the OMSI gift store. The exhibit is only here till May 3rd so if you have the time it makes for a great art date. OMSI (Oregon Museum 0f Science and Industry) 1945 S.E. Water Ave. Portland. WWW.OMSI.EDU

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.
Leonardo de Vinci

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Building a Blurb book is the easiest thing to accomplish, just a few steps and you are on your way to being an author. You download the book templates onto your own PC so you can take as much time as you want to build your book, they have made it so simple for you to copy/move your photos to a box that keeps track of the ones that you have used. You really don’t have to think of a thing, you just choose a page layout pictures w/text or just text or just pictures and that’s about it. Thinking of what to say is the problem. The books are very affordable starting at $12.95 for a soft cover 7”x7”. Mine is a hardcover image wrap for $24.95, 7” square and is just the right size to carry around. And that is the reason why I made the book. So many people ask me what kind of art I make and now I can pop out the little book to show them and it looks so professional.
If you would like to see more you can go to and if you want to preview my book it is listed under the title name Copper Crow Studio.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Quilt for Savannah

This was a fun project making the quilt and little jacket it's been a very long time from the last quilt I made. I forgot how nice it is in the cold winter to work with flannels on your lap. The back of the quilt is as much fun to look at as the front, all the stitch details.
Poor baby the little jacket looks good on her but did not protector her from the giant baby eating Easter Bunny.

She did make up with the bunny and we all had a lovely Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite Five

Every now and then I'm going to post MY FAVORITE FIVE list. It could be any number of things but will always be headed MY FAVORITE FIVE so it will be easy to find. To start the tradition, I will list my favorite five altered object components. I also will try to accomany the list with photos. My hope is that the list will let you see what tools, books, and ideas I have so you can try them in some of your art or it will give you an idea of what you see in my art.
1. Assorted balls of various shapes and sizes
2. Tins the older the better
3. Spindles and spools
4. Antique type writer parts
5. Found objects from nature

Please check back to view future FAVORITE FIVE's.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A day to wander

Once a month the Portland Art Collective meets to laugh, talk and share art, we then adjourn to the Lucky Lab Pub to laugh and talk a bit more. I had planned to drive from Portland to Salem via I-5 and get to work on house cleaning some art and pack for a weekend away. BUT spring and bright colors drew me off my intended path. I first stopped at Al’s garden center then went out to the Wooden Shoe tulip festival to wander under flowering trees and billowing clouds. I stopped by Silverton to visit a friend arriving home in time to not do much. I looked up WANDER: to move about without a purpose. 2: to lose one’s normal mental concentration. And that I did, what a great day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I can't stop cutting !

Just one more well maybe more.If you haven't tried this watch out it is very addictive.
I have been out in the garden all morning doing the usual weeding, hauling dreaming of how it would look if I had a gardener. But the best part is watching the birds pulling worms up and courting each other. It is such a gorgeous day and they say it will top out around 75 degrees.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is soooo cool, I want to do my trees.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Lunch and Pogo goes to Town

Pogo is off to that crazy little town.

Her pogo stick is made from a croquet pin and her feet rest on felt hammers from a piano, the base is a broken top from a stool. I really like her and wouldn't mind meeting her for coffee someday.
I like her smile.

I think this is a Red-tailed Hawk dark phase.

You remember Sunday brunch with all the guests we had in the garden well someone is here for Friday lunch. I'm not sure what was intended to be served chipmunk or bunny? I think the birds are to quick and a Steller's Jay was harangueing him from a branch above. He flew off when I went out to take a picture. A beautiful Robin was in the back with the largest mouthful of moss, I think she must be lining her nest. I love looking for the broken sky blue shells after they hatch.

Here is a paper cut of "Going to Town on a Pogo Stick" and the sculpture.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shading a delicate flower

This is this morning’s cut I think I’m ready to start a story or something because my mind is racing with fanciful images.
I put something like this on a few days ago but this one gave the pronunciation, to bad I was having too much fun pronouncing it my way.
Scherenschnitte (shear-n-SNIT- a) which means "scissor cuts" in German is the art papercutting design. The art work often has symmetry within the design, and common forms include silhouettes, valentines, and love letters. The art tradition was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 1500s and was brought to Colonial America in the 1700s by immigrants who settled primarily in Pennsylvania.