Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Lunch and Pogo goes to Town

Pogo is off to that crazy little town.

Her pogo stick is made from a croquet pin and her feet rest on felt hammers from a piano, the base is a broken top from a stool. I really like her and wouldn't mind meeting her for coffee someday.
I like her smile.

I think this is a Red-tailed Hawk dark phase.

You remember Sunday brunch with all the guests we had in the garden well someone is here for Friday lunch. I'm not sure what was intended to be served chipmunk or bunny? I think the birds are to quick and a Steller's Jay was harangueing him from a branch above. He flew off when I went out to take a picture. A beautiful Robin was in the back with the largest mouthful of moss, I think she must be lining her nest. I love looking for the broken sky blue shells after they hatch.

Here is a paper cut of "Going to Town on a Pogo Stick" and the sculpture.

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Alice said...

So very cool Oma! I love pogo lady too!