Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Journal Doll

She is all fabric and paint and stands about 10" tall.
She has some writing on her body.

I wanted to play with paint but did not want to use a canvas I also would love to keep a journal but can never quite get to that place. So I was thinking of some sort of sculpture that I can do both painting and writing. She is the first step. I have in mind some other ideas but think maybe my journal will have to be the object or pictures on the object. In this case the dolls colors tell a story for me, yesterday I was out with a friend and just before we went into a restaurant I saw a color palette that I really love, that rust on the bird was an old truck and the green and burgundy was a book store. It was all surrounded by white blossoming trees. I had to just sit in the car and soak up the colors for a second, on occasion people think artists are strange we just look at things with imaginative eyes.