Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Date

I had an educational day following a friend around who happens to be a photographer and a good one at that. We started out at the state capitol to shoot a tree but the sun was to strong, at the information desk they told us about five Sequoia trees at Willamette University so off we went. Here are the five. The Giant Sequoia is the world’s largest tree and one of the most long lived. Willamette’s Star Trees are still young compared to many existing sequoias between 2,000 to 3,000 years old. These trees were planted just before Pearl Harbor.

From The Scene Magazine, “The five saplings would grow stories tall and create a star shape where they met the sky. Decades of young lovers would stand under their boughs to share a first kiss, which put them on the path to lasting love according to campus lore. And each year in December students would carol and a child would light the trees as townspeople came from miles around to experience old fashioned awe. The Star Trees, planted in a time of worldwide destruction, now encircle visitors with fragrant peace.
I was babysitting a friend’s farm and we hung out photographing small very cute animals. What a fun day.



vay said...

What an great art date Tory. Standing in the middle of those amazing trees, looking straight up to a star!
And that baby's face - too cute!

Leigh said...

What lovely work on this blog. Thanks for sharing the photos from your art dates. I love the cloth dolls..a fun idea. You continue to amaze me and make me wonder how I can get more done!