Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Calender

I started the day with a nice cup of coffee and as tomorrow is May 1st I needed to put some art on the May page in my calender. I bought a inexpensive ugly one to redo to my liking and have had fun each month painting, drawing and gluing items in. It has turned out to be a test kitchen of sorts to tryout a new pen, crayon or idea. This month I used the stencil and a small piece of fabric from the bags I was making. I was going to show more photos of the calender but my computer rolled over and died, I'm borrowing my husbands to post today and will be heading to the fix it shop.
The little bag in the top right hand corner is actually a makeup bag with clear pockets, a few years ago a few of use made travel art supply kits and boy has it worked out well. It is the right size to hold pencils, paints and even a small journal, perfect for a car trip or on a plane.
Have a nice weekend, warm weather and the garden are calling.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

It's fun to see what's on your desk. The calendar is a great idea for experimenting as well as keeping track of things. Hope you had a good weekend.

Dayna Collins said...

Love seeing these Friday posts -- May calendar is looking very cheerful!