Monday, April 19, 2010

A near miss and nature!

I walked to the garden this morning with a cup of coffee and my senses had an over load. The taste of a good cup, the honking sound of geese just lifting of the river so close I could hear the air on their wings, I picked a fresh stem of Lily of the Valley one of my favorites and inhaled the rich sweetness of it.
My eyes had a color palette laid before them, I had to get the camera.
My neighbor is running in the Boston marathon today and I was ask to feed the dog and watch over the farm. This is a Hair sheep no wool and you never need to sheer them it just falls out, to bad I would love to have some wool to felt.

This is Patch he watches the sheep, and boy do they watch him.

I had a fresh egg for breakfast today, lucky me.
photo from google images
I had just come home from the farm when a branch came past my head at about 60mph and hit 10 feet in front of me. An over dose of adrenalin coursed through my body as I tried to find who hurled the missile, I looked skyward and saw a large Osprey with a small branch in it's talons.

Photo by Tory
I had my camera still around my neck .

This is no song bird, can you imagine the size of the nest this stick was meant for.

I love the adventure of life!


steph b said...

Gosh Tory better wear your hard hat while bird watching! The dog is so cute. Your a good neighbor to waych the farm.

Paula McNamee said...

Love your Spring flower montage- all the colors. Spring is one of my favorite times of year.

purple bird art said...

Love the photo of the osprey. What a great capture of the ever alert border collie and adorable lamb. Your so lucky to live in the midst of nature!

Curious Works said...

Great photos Tory! Wish I could see your yard in bloom. Yikes...that branch is huge!

Dayna Collins said...

What wonderful flowers you have in your yard -- beautiful. And so glad you weren't bonked on the head by a flying branch!