Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Santos Clothes

This week I brought out the fabric and paints, making a little jacket for a new Santos.
Jacket details, I stamped russet numbers and highlighted them with pearl X. The edging is made from resin paper on antique text.

I bought this wrapping paper the other day to cut up and will use it on the skirt.

I made a little Santos from a drawing doll, it will sit on my desk and hopefully help me when I need it. Not much personality, I might have to draw on a smile or give it a funny hat.

More fun in photoshop, the mat is what I work on every day almost a piece of art on it's own or at least colorful to look at.
Click on the photo to better read the poem by Picasso. I don't think the doll is a receptacle of emotions however, hee hee. Have a nice week end!


Curious Works said...

I'm liking your desk shots...and can't wait to see those clothes on the Santos. Very cool.
Your little ayudante takes his job very might embarrass him with a funny hat, but the rest of us will enjoy it :)

Paula McNamee said...

It's great to see what you're creating, Tory. Love the idea of mannequin Santos. What will you make into a Santos next?

Dayna Collins said...

And when I think you couldn't possibly come up with any more ideas for Santos, you burble forth with more goodness! You're my artistic hero.