Monday, April 12, 2010

Studio helper and link to tutorial !

I had help the other day my beautiful granddaughter Savannah.
One of our first jobs was to brush off the Tic Tac's before we ate them.

I put a felted soap tutorial on the Portland Art Collective blog, You can try out the first steps of felting with the soap then move on to this cute little hat Savannah is wearing. I made this for a class I was teaching, she fell in love with it and now owns it.

After the Tic Tac's we critique the new Santos.

What a fun time we had, I love my helpers.


Darlene Veltman Design Studio said...

I always brush off my tic tacs before I have one...don't you? Love this Santos....Now I want to make one. I passed on a doll head the other day at GW....Maybe I shouldn't have. I have a small head...maybe I should use that? Beautiful Tory.

Curious Works said...

Savannah is a beauty! She looks so cute in that hat. Thanks for the've explained the process to me before, but pictures always help.

Dayna Collins said...

How adorable is Savannah!?! And her hat fits her personality to perfection -- I love the expression on her face looking at your Santos.