Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Clay & Assemblage Men

Today I'm working on some soldering for Art & Soul Hampton, only 12 days away, I'm so excited for the classes I know we will have great time. Click here to see some sculptures we will be making in the class.
Some tips from the desk,tip 1) the scroungy red mats are photo mat boards and are the very best thing I have found to work on for soldering, I have been using these same ones for two years with no risk of burning my desk top, tip 2) baby wipes are handy to clean your hands after touching the flux, it burns me, tip 3) spend the money on a heavy soldering iron stand, I bought this one at a garage sale for 50 cents, tip 4) the little desk vise has been my third hand and has saved me from some frustration and many burns, I also use alligator clips to hold things.

What a week for my computer first it got a virus and the day after it came home from the repair shop the back light on the screen went out and would cost nearly $300 to fix. I bought a cheep monitor for $80 and am back in business.
This last week I was really enjoying making these three gents. As you can see each one has his own personality, name and story.

I just love their knobby knees, this one looks as if he his about to hike up a mountain in the Alps.

" I was only that far from it!"

"Being prepared doesn't always help I'm sure I feel a little ill".

The pill box hat.

Have a great weekend it is suppose to be warm and dry here in the great northwest, yahoo!


OfficeTYPE said...

THey are all so unique! I love how you've used the tin containers!

Robin Olsen said...

oh these new guys are fabulous! All your people come out with so much personality.

Paula McNamee said...

Your gents have lots of character and spunk- love the stories that go with each one.

Dayna Collins said...

Your three gents are fabulous. Love their faces and individual personalities. You continue to amaze me, Tory.

Curious Works said...

Love, love, love them Tory! and keep posting the friday desk photo...look forward to it