Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Rest & Rejuvenate

This Friday was a day to rest, rejuvenate, gather ideas and visit...

My daughter who got married last June and moved to Alabama gave her father and I a surprise visit home, first time in almost a year. She didn't want to tell me because she new I was just returning from the art retreat in Virginia and would freak and clean for days getting ready for her. Yes she is a nice kid!
So we are off to her older sister and brothers mountain cabin for the weekend.
Have a great Memorial Day and think sunshine!
For you who like to look at birds this is a list of what I saw in the garden today, Grosbeak,Goldfinch,Cedar Waxwing, Robin, Song Sparrow,White crowned Sparrow, Nuthatch, Junco, Towhee, House Finch, Chickadee and a Steller's Jay. I sit in my studio in front of a large picture window and about 20' away is a bird feeder, lucky me, I love spring.


Robin Olsen said...

Hi to Melissa--she's looking great!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Enjoy every minute with Melissa... sending big hug to her.

A. Talie said...

Hi, great pic of Melissa...what a nice surprise for you and Norm. Sounds like you all had fun. Al was home for the weekend, they all came over Saturday night to play 'dice'. What a great time you had in Virginia with the wonderful pictures..I can understand why you want to go back.
Give everyone hugs from all of us. Cheers and love, A. Talie