Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Wire Sculpture

Since I started with the Fri desk photos I see how I really work in about a 6"x 6" square of tools and supplies. I think I will make it a goal to increase my real estate to 12"x 12".
This sculpture is going with me to Hampton, Va. as a class example, I just finished it this morning but now think the head looks to big and a bit like a bird, not my goal. The good thing is I can take it off and make a new one. I am pleased with the posture and general attitude of the figure.
I ripped up old linen for the inside of the body in person it looks light and airy. I'm off to the coast this afternoon and looking forward to doing some photography.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Curious Works said...

birdy heads are cool..esp along with fabulous green wings...and good luck with trying to keep a bigger area of your workspace clear...i've never discovered that secret either

Sherry said...

very cool - amazing how wound wire looks like a body! never would have occurred to me
have fun

Dayna said...

I'm GREEN with envy -- love the green ball your person is balancing on and of course, I love the green wings.