Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I will watch your eggs!

It is always a surprise to see who it is that comes out of the clay, I never go for the elf cute look but that is who emerged. So what to do with this fresh face? I made the hair look like feathers and thought to keep the colors in earth tones. The base is the top of a piano stool, the nest sits on a tree made from a spindle with branches from old type writer arms.

I rusted the nest in the bathroom so I could dunk it in water every time I washed my hands. It had help with some vinegar and salt, Norm thought it was a bit stinky to have in there. What we do for art.

I think a sweet song is being sung to the eggs.

The little eggs came from a quail and are real. My next job is to make a paper cut with this sculpture as the vocal point.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Wow!! This is awesome, Tory. I love what you did with the typewriter arms and keys, very clever.

Curious Works said...

Love the egg guardian Tory!...
and poor Norm... lol.

Anonymous said...

I like how you have been taking one image and using it in different medium!

Lenall Siebenaler