Sunday, August 9, 2009

Working on Art, Art gone Bad and Nature

I worked in the studio almost all week doing the mundane... making cards, framing prints, packaging and all the necessary chores... and very little fun creating. We all have to do it and rarely blog about it for good reason. I did work on this body form all day Friday.It has very colorful resin paper wings with a metal and paper body. I painted a scene on the torso that turned out hideous, yes that happens. So no picture and I will rework it later.
It stands 4' with a wing span of 4 1/2'. Saturday after working on the house we went for a drive near Albany. On the way, the Great Blue Heron was hunting for mice in a just-cut field.

And here is said mouse smack in the middle of the road. It looks like a rock but is a mouse.
He wanted to get to the other side, opposite of Mr. Heron. As I tried to hurry him along with my mono-pod, he jumped and bit at it. I made sure he made it just as a fast farm truck came barreling down on us.

Here is the art gone bad... this is the front of a house in Albany. Go ahead and click on it and check out the flag holding bear on the right and the deer on the left. A water fall comes of the roof and drops into a Koi pond.

The Koi are beautiful and around 20" long.

This sign was on an old truck across the street. I liked the color, it will make a nice back ground on a future piece of art.
We journeyed along out of town to this little pond. I wanted to look first before Norm and the dogs got out (bird watching).
As I saw this tree, I heard the loud slap of the beaver tail announcing my arrival.
He sat and watched us, moving now and then to let us know it's his home.
It was getting dark and time to go ....
The seed heads rustled in the breeze, a killdeer cried from the far side of the pond as dark unproductive clouds rolled past. A very nice day, I will get back to art as summer days wane, but for now nature will satiate me with its beauty.


Leigh said...

thanks for sharing these amaazing photos. hope the art is going well this week

Curious Works said...

Oh! I love the wings, and am so glad you saved the little mouse. And the pictures at the pond are wonderful...I especially like the seed pods with the dark clouds behind them..and the side of that truck was amazing...and I definitely want to visit that house with my camera when I visit!

Robin Olsen said...

I got a much needed laugh out of that art gone bad! Thanks! That just might call for a field trip to see it in person.