Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

I was playing with my camera still trying to get the feeling for what it can do or should I say what I can't do.
An old stack, I love the worn corners, most of these books are over 100 years old.

The dice belonged to my grandparents they are old bakelite, maybe from the 30s.

Just a fun composition, and a study of values. I like how the gold on the pages show up but the wood blocks are too dark. The old shoe form is to make a woman's high heel. The nest has a lining of Winnie's hair, it dropped out of a fir tree last winter, I felt so lucky to find it..... yes I know her hair she leaves it for all of us.

Here are some very old woodland Indian moccasins and a choker from a different tribe, the bead work is unbelievable.

On my last post I took a picture of part of a old truck this is a card I made using it as the base.

And at last I finished this paper cut I started at Menucha at the end of May. It is now hanging at the main Multnomah Co Library gift shop with my other paper cuts for a show and sale.
I took a knitting class last night and hopefully in a week or so I will be able to show you how I did.


Alice said...

I love the paper cut as always and that is such a wonderful picture of the dice.

Curious Works said...

This whole post was yummy eye candy! I wish I could sit for a few hours with that pile of cool old books turning pages...and love how the die in front is so crisp and then the row blurs out...and what a gift to find a nest lined with Winnie's hair! A treasure!!
Love the pictures your taking - more please!

(please turn your papercuts into a line of cards...the detail you put into them is amazing!)