Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fiddling and Knitting

If some how you get a chance to see this show with Topol maybe in another city go he is so good, I think I'm in love. His voice you could listen to forever. The set was very nice and fascinating how they interchanged it all.

Knitting class is over but I think I'm hooked.

Just being around all the color and texture in a yarn shop is worth it.

The class laid out their handy work.

My sister Becky's beautiful scarf, she will still drop the stitches and then the real magic happens.

My scarf, knit 5, purl 5, add color and texture, drop a stitch and it makes its own fringe. OK now to remember it all.....


Paula McNamee said...

Your scarf looks beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation to see Mossy Creek Pottery at the coast.

Anonymous said...

I love the threads Mama. Maybe I have a green one coming my way???

Dayna Collins said...

Lovin' the colors in your scarf! I can see why you're addicted.