Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Inventor

Reginald Q. Wickham born to British parents in India was making great strides with the parallel circuit, he heard of Edison’s achievements with the incandescent electric light. But when he learned that Edison had overtaken him in the improvement of the dynamo he was utterly shattered. This is when he put on his light bulb hat and dedicated his live to time travel.
Reginald (Reggie to us who know him) stands on an 1886 cigar box. Gears, gauges, wires and an old light bulb help activate the magic ball he is holding. If it ever starts to spin Reggie will be off to the future, maybe.
Little known fact: Reggie coined the phrase "Damn the Dynamo"

I’m having fun getting ready for my crow class at Art and Soul. These are little bags made of clothpaper to hold all the goodies we will be using. I started out with the idea of making a plain canvas bag….but this is so much more fun.


Curious Works said...

I love Reggie...and what cool gizmos he's surrounded by...
Your bags are awesome! A Piece of art all on their own.

Hope you had fun today!

Leigh said...

I love this, especially the story. your work, as usual is so inspiring!!