Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Huge Thank You

  We opened the doors Friday morning to our own winter wonderland, our  guests came in to see silver and white decorations gleaming around our art. I had front lobby duty the first hour of our show to help guide everyone back to the gym. I was not prepared for my feelings. It was like Christmas morning and your mom called out "Santa Clause came come see" only you are told "except you, you need to wait an hour", that is when it hit me just how excited I was. It was not a let down when I got in there, there was a burst of natural light coming in the windows accompanied by laughter and people enjoying everything we had done, Thank you. 
 This piece was named "Flight", she found a great new home.
 I sure enjoyed talking to everyone.
 A little Christmas shopping...
 I loved her coat...

                             Two high school friends meet up after 60 years.
Thank you everyone who came and who encouraged us. The show was a great success we could not do it with out you.

 I was cleaning the frig and dropped this parsnip before I knew it Winnie was on it and gone, a good move for a Newf.
It looks like I need to feed her some veggies.


Talie said...

Great show, Tory, my hats off to you all and thanks for a wonderful few hours spent with you and the gang. Cheers and love, A. Talie and U. Eric

Curious Works said...

maybe santa will let me come next year, looks like you all had Flight...and the hat her new owners wearing...tell winnie "good girl" for eating all her vegetables!

Dayna Collins said...

It WAS a great show -- beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful art.

stephanie brockway said...

LOVE cute baby Winnie! oh yeah and the show was good!

Coleen said...

ohhhhh..I wish I knew about this...I "found" you by looking at Teeshas classes...your class is full....darn! but, I discovered that we both live in Portland Oregon areas....let me know if and when you ever offer classes around here! I would love to meet you! My friend, that used to live here, now lives in Huntsvill, Alabama...small world, huh??

Heart Hugs,