Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting Ready

Last April I did a felted soap tutorial and now is the time to try it. Here is the link. Give it a go it really is fun and they make great gifts.
 If you don't have time to make your own you can pick some up at the show next Friday and Saturday.

I have also made a few more characters.

I have a very little story about them on the PAC blog.
And speaking of story's, my sister saw last weeks post and named the character with the dots on her arms and wrote her a story, here is is.
Penny Polka Dot
 One sunny afternoon while Penny was strolling down the path a very large leopard came up beside her. Although quite frightened she struck up a conversation with him. It seems he had just returned from a wild adventure and was anxious to share the events of his trip with someone.  Calmly she walked beside him as he explained just how he had come to be in her part of the forest.  She had never imagined that a leopard could actually fly much less navigate from one continent to another. Skeptical of his story she began to ask questions and challenge him on parts of his tale. He was a little taken aback by her attitude and felt that she was disrespectful. She was determined to get the truth out of him and he was just as determined to finish telling her about his adventure. So he began speaking in earnest to get done before she interrupted again. The third time she stopped him he became quite angry and began to run in circles around her. Faster  and faster he went until he was no more than a blur. Soon she was caught up in the whirlwind of activity and she herself flew into the air. When she finally stopped  and came back down to earth she was covered with little red poke a dots. Alarmed she demanded to know what had happened, the leopard simply turned and walked away. When he was nearly out of sight he paused, looked over his shoulder and winked. Now, he said, tell everyone how you got your spots and see if they believe you!

Thanks Becky that was fun!


Talie said...

What a great story all are sooooo creative and I love you much, cheers and hugs, A. Talie

Dayna Collins said...

You are such a professional and creative artist, Tory!