Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naughty and Nice List

I started a naughty and nice list this year and decided to think about how to make some of the naughty a bit nicer. The nice pretty much takes care of its self. For example I love spending time with little kids who believe in Santa, and  rain hitting the window at night so I can hear it from my warm toasty bed. No need to change any of that, but...Here it comes the naughty list.
Brazil nuts. They come in a can marked “less than 50% peanuts” because it's 51% Brazil nuts. They taste wrong in fact I think they taste a bit like mold. The challenge now is what can I do with a naughty Brazil nut.

Have them stay over for the holidays?
Let them help trim the tree?

Go out and play with them?
 We all know they don't clean very well.

Or just chop them up and put them in a cookie. NO!  Remember they taste like mold.
I say just set them free and send them all back to Brazil.
Please leave a comment with something from your naughty list. It would be fun to do a post about it.
This post is an example of what happens when an artist is in full art mode from our resent show and attempts to stop abruptly and start cooking and cleaning too fast. I do have faith it will all level out soon.


Curious Works said...
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Curious Works said...

I'll never be able to look at a brazil nut again with out seeing little arms and legs, lol. You really brought them to life.. laughed out loud at the poor little nut under the knife, haha.
The top of my naughty list would have to be candied green cherries..you know..the kind people put in fruit cake. They are just so.. WRONG! I would try to illustrate that for you, but my sketches wouldn't give them much personality...which would be ok i guess because green candied cherries don't deserve to have personalities. And if they did they would be the Grinch (who is also green please note) of "things that could be added to holiday treats"...worse than moldy brazil nuts in my opinion. They would be stealing the tree, and rubbing the brazil nut's faces in the snow. Best to avoid them all together

Tory Brokenshire said...

Thanks Curious Works I'm laughing!!

Dayna Collins said...

Well, I love nuts (both the kind you eat and the kind like you), but I have NEVER liked Brazil nuts so I say: Off With Their Heads!

Paula McNamee said...

Love your nutty sketches and naughty

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Love this, Tory. Thanks for the laugh. I think hazelnuts are pretty naughty, too...unless mixed in with the nice chocolate. Mincemeat has always been a bad idea.

Lenall Siebenaler said...

You are a nut! Not a Brazil nut though!!