Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Ready

It’s time to make it all come together. The tree is a small little thing on a table at the edge of the kitchen. It holds special ornaments made by some of my art friends and is sheltering a few gifts to torment the grand children.

I found these magnetic bugs last summer, perfect for a metal Christmas tree.
My art group had a Christmas party last week, such a happy celebration after the busy show. We draw names and exchange gifts, visit and share a feast beyond compare. This flaming heart was my gift from Stephanie Brockway. Steph knows my sense of humor hence the words. I have wanted one of her hearts for a very long time, lucky me, thanks Steph.

We started baking yesterday, Jen made wonderful butter scotch cookies and I made some sugar cookies to be decorated by the family with great quantities of sprinkles, icing, and hot coco.

Apple pies for the freezer waiting to be baked Christmas eve.


I had some help emptying the cupboards and tasting cookies.

The parents of Natalie had new carpet installed so everyone including Nat must wear slippers in the house, a good rule. Her fathers shoes size 14 and her shoe size 4 &1/2.
I think Winnie will not be invited over, poor dog.

Winnie will be staying in today warm by the fire. She and I have had enough wet dog days for awhile.
 Stay warm friends and enjoy the holidays and everything they offer you.


Curious Works said...

yum...those cookies & pies look delicious!

Dayna Collins said...

It looks like you are getting into full Christmas swing. So nice to see what you and your family have been up to.

stephanie brockway said...

You have been busy! love the little tree, glad you liked your gift, and here I was worried. Naughty nuts, looks like they met there match, you'll get them to behave and poor muddy winnie looks like my house, 3 dogs tromping in mud and they don't even wipe there paws, how rude!