Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Home with photos and there is news!

Here is the news....
The class descriptions are up for An Artful Journey…this is going to be great!

Winter 2012 Retreat - February 23-27 Join artists Flora Bowley, Tory Brokenshire, Katie Kendrick, DJ Pettitt and Albie Smith for three days of non-stop creative bliss! We hope you'll join us for an intimate gathering of creativity and soul restoration at the 4th Artful Journey retreat; registration opens July 12, 2011.
If you want to learn how to make a Santos this is the retreat for you.
Here is a link to Santos Sensations.
And the photos...
Here are some photos near my daughters home in Alabama after the tornado. She and her husband are now relocated here in Oregon and I'm so happy they will live near me.
 They do all pitch in and help each other.
 You just can't believe what you are seeing.

 There are some things you don’t think about if you are not from tornado country. Like this pharmacy that was blown to pieces. It made me think of it like a giant piñata and the tornado the bat to bash it to pieces. The recipients would be every junky in town if it had not been for the local police force. They surrounded the area and the clean up was a priority.

I can't go on a trip without a little bird watching.
I was afraid they all would have been blown away, how could any small bird survive this.  But the next morning little flowers bloomed and the birds sang. You just shake your head in confusion.

 This was my first Cardinal a little female just outside the window, beautful.
 And at the end of the drive she meets up with Mr. Handsome
These three beauties we saw on the way home in Utah.
Have a great weekend and hug your loved ones.


Dayna Collins said...

Ohhhh, I can't wait to read the class descriptions for An Artful Journey! What an honor to be invited to teach.

lynda Howells said...

oh wish l was nearer you and could do one of your workshops!!!!if l had a £1 for everytime l have said that lately l would be quite rich!Haxxglad your family are near and same now...those poor peoplexxlynda