Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chocolate and Tulips

 The shadows were almost as attractive as the flowers we haven't seen them Oregon lately.

People were out in force to capture the color, I would love to see his work I think he had been doing this for awhile.

Check out her coat I think it is tulip camo.
 This is a chocolatier named Pam she owns the Chocolab in Portland. I met Pam in her booth she was giving away a variety of samples including ,chocolate covered bacon, chocolate covered potato chips (very good) , milk chocolate with malted milk and a delicious dark chocolate with a smoked sea salt (my favorite). We talked for some time and I knew I was talking to a fellow artist she has the same passion for her creation. Read her words below.
“Our modern confections, created in our very own kitchen+laboratory, expand the potential of chocolate…we don’t design our confections just for the sake of chocolate…but what can be done with the medium of chocolate. Chocolate is an amazing conduit for so many scintillating natural flavors and textual sensations.”
You can find her at the Chocolab follow this link to all her information and a map to her shop. If you are in the neighborhood drop in and try some chocolate art.
I also visited the Mt. Angel sausage company for a Bratwurst covered in onions with a mild curry sauce.

 Yes it was good!
This farm didn't have any tulips but was so beautiful with the waving green grass. I find myself thinking it is more attractive to me aesthetically than the rows of bright color. That thought was a surprise.


Paula McNamee said...

What a great day, Tory. Love the tulip shadows and

lynda Howells said...

oh chocolate and tulips in one blog....bliss!x