Thursday, February 24, 2011


It’s officially a snow day and to me that means play. 
The other day I made a new facebook profile picture in photoshop, I wanted to play in PS a little more so I decided to teach myself a new technique by way of a tutorial.

- think WEIRD – think GRUNGE, think ART! Is what the Holga camera effect tutorial  tells you, you then take a pin sharp photo and funk it up.
I started with this photo. A 1912 rail road bridge that was converted to a pedestrian walkway near down town Salem. Next photo is after the tutorial.
I know many people who have the application on their I-phones or in photoshop to get the Holga effect. It’s very popular right now and I think over used but hey give me a band wagon and I'll jump on.
It took me forever to add all the layers and learn each step. I did learn a few tricks that I can apply to other projects but not sure if it’s worth the time.
This is the new profile picture. Last year I did a post on pop art portraits I used that method here. It's not exactly what I want but was fun to do....then I tried this. 

 I like how the hair looks but not the color on the face. I think with more time I could cut and soften the lines. I use Photoshop 6 only about $70, well worth all the things you can do with it. 

 Snow on the curly filbert a few hours ago.
 After photoshop a few minutes ago.

 This summer fountain is frozen and attracted me because of the jagged lines of the fern and the round line of the fountain.
Do you know the saying “Give someone enough rope and she’ll hang herself ” well…
I think it is the beginning of a story I’ll tell my grand children about the winter fairie's hiding in the garden.

The ferns looked so nice coated in snow the contrast against the dark soil was striking.

I will use this last one as a background for future work. Fun snow day!


Dayna Collins said...

Oh, Tory, what a fun post! I love seeing what you can do with Photoshop. Thank you!

A. Talie said...

Wow,I love it all. T

apt3 design said...

This is fun--found your blog from a link on the Aurora Architectural Salvage blog. I've been taking some of my 'old' photographs of places in Oregon and playing with layers in Picnik ( and posted them back on my Flickr stream. Take a look if you're interested!

Now following your blog via my art blog--I know my readers will enjoy it! :)