Friday, February 11, 2011

Junking and PAC

Above art work by Paula McNamee- click here to visit our blog.
Once a month The Portland Art Collective gets together to share their art, plan events and enjoy the company of like minded friends. After the meeting we cross the road to The Lucky Lab for pizza and to visit a bit more, you might think by this time I would be ready to go home…not yet…
Four more hours of junking is about to take place.
Steph and Dayna my partners in crime and I can't wait to get into the first shop. Only it was a senior citizen discount bread shop. And it was closed. We then ask an old man outside if we could just look in the window still not knowing it was a bread shop. I can just imagine what he thought of us, three grown women begging to get a peek at day old bread. This picture is of the girls after we discover our mistake. The junk store was a few yards away.
Back on the road we traveled so far the mountain elk could be seen.
However the location of our destination cannot be revealed we were all sworn to secrecy in order to obtain the address. I can tell you it was a strange and yet wonderful place. Here are some of the images we saw.  

I came home with these nice little tins.
Lesson learned today beware of bread shops disguised as second hand stores, have a great weekend.


Dayna Collins said...

I'm still laughing over the bread store confusion! Those old guys were probably thinking what crazy city chicks we were. It was a great day - 12 hours in all!

stephanie brockway said...

Beg I did....sigh, the look on there faces was pricless....I'm watching an episode of American Pickers and think we need to take it to the next level...wear overalls and heavy gloves and look for abandoned barns!!

Curious Works said...

How funny..,when i first read that you guys were asking to look in the window of a closed bread shop i was trying to imagine what was in there...bread dough sculpture? Looks like the junk shop was worth the trouble to track it down :)

lynda Howells said... those tins. what are you going to do with them?xx

lynda Howells said...

can l see at some time, the necklaces you made from thse gorgeous tins. What a wonderful artist you are my friendxx