Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Walking back to the studio

More to do but oh so nice! I can't wait to do some tile or mosaic and some art lights, cool molding.......
About 7 months ago with help from our daughter Norm and I tore apart our kitchen. Walls, sheet rock, all the electric, ceiling, beams under the floor, floor all had to be replaced. I have been doing the dishes in the tub on my knees for that entire time, not so bad I became very handy with paper plates. But now a few days before Christmas my boys Nick and Gil put it back together. So very nice to do the dishes standing up!

Before it started snowing today I cracked some old walnuts for the Jays and put them on the frozen bird bath. Winifred the Loyal (Winnie) knows a good walnut when she smells one and couldn’t figure why I would place them just out of her reach.

I just couldn’t stay in as the first snow feel, it is so beautiful, quite and clean.

And I needed that after a week of house guests.
House guests Duke and Reo 2 and 3 years old.
Now I start the walk back to the studio holiday break is over the guest have gone home and I have a powerful need to get paint and glue on my hands.


Anonymous said...

Mom the KITCHEN looks awesome. I cant wait to see the finish product. Love you!

vay said...

Cool! It looks great Tory...are you sad your 'camping' days are over? ha.
love the picture of winnie watching the walnuts, lol

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You have a beautiful kitchen, again! Can't wait to see it for real, as I may need a road trip soon. Love seeing pictures of Winnie...give her a hug from me. Who are those other cuties..what fun you must of had with them, they have a mischief about them. Cheers, A. Talie

Suzie Wolfer said...

TOry! That kitchen looks worth the wait! How delightful to do dishes standing on your own two legs. Gorgeous!