Monday, December 7, 2009

New Art For My Walls

In the past few weeks I have been involved in several art shows, as a participant it was successful and a wonderful adventure. I met many artist old and new, fell in love with so many beautiful pieces but could come home with only a fraction of what I wanted. I was not surprised at the colors and subjects I picked but was amazed at how well they all go together once they were all on the same wall. We are still in the middle of a remodel and they will find new space after it is all done but for now they will hang at the side of my bed where I can see them every night and dream of art and color.
Remember if you want to see the art work up close just click on the picture.
This piece is by Barton DeGgraaf click on this if you would like to see more of his work. I love all his work, the one above is titled "Gone Fishin" and is a watercolor.

This one is by Robin Olsen from her pod series, an acrylic on canvas. The title is "Alone Time". I love the values and textures in her work,check out her blog and see some amazing art.

This one is so alive and my photograph does not do it justice because the depth, color and different textures captures the viewer. It is titled "Sunrise, Sunset" a mixed media collage by Lorraine Jones.
Here they are next to the bed.
So sweet this little Jack Sparrow Hawk (American Kestrel) is acrylic on wood by Susan G. Jensen

And isn't this one fabulous it is a African Guinea Hen. Acrylic on canvas by R. Goldys.

A bird of a different sort a "Urban Folk Art Bird" by Stephanie Brockway.

The pillow is by Suzanne Reynolds a wonderful seamstress and artist.
The card is a photo of a couple sock monsters by Darlene Veltman.
How lucky am I, I sold enough art to buy some amazing pieces from artists I admire.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Wow, you bagged some awesome art! My humble little pillow looks kinda out of place, but thanks for putting it up there. :) On the other hand, your pieces at the Open Doors show were really amazing!

purple bird art said...

I am so envious - what beautiful birds you've collected - I love them all - the watercolor in particular...

Dayna Collins said...

Amazing pieces of art you have added to your collection!