Monday, January 4, 2010

Ready To Roll

I will be participating in Mary Lou Zeek Gallery- 100 Artist Show again this year, it is for charity with the proceeds going to the Marion and Polk County food bank.
100 artists had a tin can sent to them some months ago with the instructions that "almost anything goes". Each piece will be bid on in February at the gallery show. Some don't even last five minutes, it is a show to be seen!
This young person rides around town in a magically powered tin can auto. Warning signs on the side let everyone know this is a very temperamental vehicle, (Automatically Protected- DO NOT- work this system without first calling county fire department) reads the sign.
As I have said before I never know who will come out of the clay and was so happy and surprised to see this innocent but adventurous face appear. I have always named the sculptures as I see their story's take shape but this one will need to be named by its new owner, for now I will call him Marion Polk. The piece is 12"x 18" mixed media assemblage.

I really enjoyed making this piece for the joy of making art but also this last week end I was surrounded by three fellow art friends to seek advise, visit and laugh. It really doesn't get any better that that!

This was the fourth guest Alex he claimed the blow up bed next to the fire place but was happy to share it with his best friend. What a nice little gentleman he was. And he seemed to like everyones art.


Curious Works said...

This is amazing Tory! Does the gallery take phone bids???

Robin Olsen said...

What a fun piece Tory! I'm sure it will be a big hit in the show.

Paula McNamee said...

Hi Tory, Your girl sure knows how to get around town. I like her adventuresome spirit. Can't wait to see her in person.

A. Talie said...

Love her, love her....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You always inspire me!

Dayna Collins said...

How exciting to see what you have created! Especially fun for me since I got to see her "birth" at the Menucha Retreat last October . . . see you at First Wednesday!