Monday, March 15, 2010

So much to show you!

Natalie helped me sort fabric the other day, she ended up liking the Dupioni silks the best. My daughter Jen and I started a fabric project so I hauled out 3 extra large bins of silks, batiks and bright fun fabrics one bin of ribbons and 2 with wool, the living room was full and the only spot for the baby was in a bin and boy did she love the color. I made the mistake to think of organizing it all after we were done, it is still in the living room. Well the best thing to do then was go to the beach.
I packed for an 8 hour trip which consisted of the dog, my camera, a sketch pad and a bag of pencils. I haven't sketched in MANY years and found it very relaxing to sit and visit with my sister and her friends. I was going for a self portrait but didn't quite get it. So hells bells when did all the wrinkles show up and why does gravity work so well in Salem! My lips aren't that full, I will try again later.

This is the little book I made a few weeks ago, the 64 pages are only 3.5 x 2.5 and I wasn't sure what I would use it for but after going to the beach I decided it will make a nice little book to record one thought at a time.
The light house is an image that says "the coast" to me with the date and names of the gals I can just look at this and remember the trip. My goal is to improve drawing skills as I go.

There is a wonderful artist who lives across the street from my sisters beach house, she was dyeing wools this last weekend and we were lucky enough to get to see her work drying on the front deck.
Her name is Ashley Martineau and she can be found at Neauveau Fiber Arts.
She has a great tutorial on her site to teach you how to recycle yarn, and you can buy her fibers at her etsy site, go have a peek.

Ashley is telling us how the different colors of sheep effect the out come of the roving.
And she spins beautiful, yummy art yarns......

with beads and sequins from Japan and India. Lori came home with the blue one.
The girls are-- Ashley--Lori--Becky- and-Amy

On the way home Becky and I hit a few antique stores it must have been good timing because the owners dropped their prices more than half with very little begging. I came home with 9 old telephone boxes that will be made into assemblages.
The inside of the phones have very cool gears and other things I'm not sure of what they are but love.

I also came home with a VERY old accordion, its a bit smelly (old attic) but has some lovely parts.

I just took a few quick photos of the accordion and like how they look, very artistic and sexy ! So before I part it out I will see how I can take advantage of its photographic possibility's.

The art work that is put into musical instrument always amazes me.

This is not the last of it but maybe the best of it. The letters are old 1900 type set out of brass and the cashier's checks are 1910.
The 8 hour trip to the beach turned out to be 36 hours and boy was it fun!


Curious Works said...

Natalie is adorable!
Looks like a fun and productive weekend...great finds!

Robin Olsen said...

What a fun post--so many new things for you to play with! How could Natalie get so big so quickly?

steph b said...

What a fun trip. Those phone boxes full of old gears, what a find!!

Talie said...

Wow, Natalie is growing soooo fast. What fun you have with her and I can't wait to see her. Love the fibers, et all and a happy weekend. Love ya, A.T.