Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Artfest Fun

This last week I traveled to Port Townsend, WA for the most wonderful art retreat with great classes. Dayna Collins and I rode up together and just before we got to Fort Worden we saw this young deer. Fort Worden is a 434-acre multi-use park with over two miles of saltwater shoreline and a wide variety of services and facilities. The park rests on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound. Many historic buildings remain at this 19th century military fort. The wild life roams the town of Port Townsend as well as the fort. I stayed in the officers housing with my friends Debi and Suzanne. We shared the house with now friends Maggie and Mary and spent many hours laughing with them.
Opening night Tracy and Teesha treated everyone to a welcoming party with a band of primal music that promoted everyone to jump up and dance.
Now lets get down to the art. My first class was with Misty Mawn a quiet gentle women, but when she starts to paint watch out. I didn't finish my piece and may never as I'm not so keen on it but will put everything I learned from her to good use.
My next class was with Lynn Perrella, we used everything in the toy box and I fell in love with an old toy "Portfolio water soluble oil pastels". They are inexpensive with very rich colors. Most all of the color on the sea captain is from the pastels.
He looks out to the sea from the house I stayed in.

And the final class was with Robert Smith. We used sausage casings to cover wire armatures, everyone made a variety of objects. I made a octopus lamp and a necklace like the one below, I forgot to take the photos so I will show it in the next post.
Sunday morning before we left the fort Dayna and I went on a photo shoot and found some fun images. This one is from the battery next to the sea.

In a near by town we found a cemetery to photograph. Some very old markers from the early 1800s to present day.

This image stopped me in my tracks.

So I just had to play around with photoshop, Mary made a trip to Fort Worden. The color on the battery was candy to the eye.
More to come, photos and art from this most wonderful adventure.


Robin Olsen said...

What fun! So many cool things in this post--especially that wild necklace.

Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for sharing the trip with me! I had so much fun and seeing your blog post allowed me to revisit our time away.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

How perfect to see your captain looking out the window.

It was a great time at AF. So glad you were there, too.

Curious Works said...

love all the pics you took. your sea captain is dreamy...