Monday, March 23, 2009


The art of paper cutting, look at what can be done with so few tools. All you need is paper, pencil, scissors, craft knife and glue.

For as long as paper has been available it has been folded, cut and painted in countries as diverse as China, Mexico, N. America, Poland, Switzerland and Germany. From crisp vignettes and sacred pictures, papercuts have described the daily and seasonal activities of their makers proving the art to be one of everyday peoples.
Immigrants settling in Pennsylvania brought the tradition from Germany and Switzerland to this country. "Scherenschnitte," the German-Swiss word meaning "scissors cutting" is the most recognized word today for this fascinating art form. From the blog- Me and My Shadows by Jo Krajci

Here is my first attempt at scherenschnitte (love that word). I started with my sculpture of “Going to Town on Stilts”. With that story in my head I tried to imagine what the town was like and how her path would look. As you can see the animals of the forest are a bit curious. Now I’m wondering will she meet up with Pogo?


Alice said...

I love these!

Gwen said...

I found your blog through Paula's and I am blown away at the beauty of your paper cutting (don't want to look up the spelling of the proper name!). I can't believe that you are just starting out at it, the round book thing is incredible!

I also like your journal dolls!