Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day of the Dead

I just now finished my three pieces for Dias De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead at Guardino Gallery  2939 NE Alberta St. Portland.The reception is Oct 28 from 6:00- 9:00 pm.The show will be up till Nov21 but you will want to come opening night for all the fun.
This piece is Saint Cecilia she is the patron saint of musicians, the main body of the piece is made from an old accordion. The bellows are yellow and lean out from the wall, Cecilia is painted on canvas in the back and on the front  I framed it with molding.

This next ones title is "Religion on the Level"
It is a wire and clay sculpture that is mounted on an old level- yes I'm sorry I couldn't help it.
I love his peaceful face.
 And this one I'm not sure what to call her I have till Monday to come up with something.
I did find out I don't like making sculls and trying to work them into my art, I didn't know that about myself because I love all the day of the dead stuff I see everyone else make,hmmm maybe next year.
I hope many of you can come to the opening night it really is a party.


Herm said...

These are beautiful Santos, my favorite is St. Cecilia, the last one looks like an angel, maybe Saint Anna?

Dayna Collins said...

Oooo, I can't wait for the reception and opening of the show on Thursday night! I'll be there, maybe not with bells on, but maybe a hat and scarf (not burlap, mind you).

Curious Works said...

oh Tory...these are all wonderful...and Saint Cecilia's frame leaning forward on the love love it.