Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The bust and felting soap

I saw this bust in a downtown shop in Salem about a year ago and wanted it sooooo much but thought I should not spend the money. Every time I went in I looked for it and was relieved to see it still there. Then one day I'm on the street walking by and there it is in the display window with a very very appealing display ("Oh no someone will buy it now for sure."). Well you can figure it out the display worked.

Last weekend at the art retreat I made this hat but had the chore of making soap, not bad but takes some time. My face didn't look that sad......

however it was nice to have a pile of soap made.


Curious Works said...

Look at all those yummy colors! Love the hat Tory...and her smile, heehee

cynthia said...

I also have this bust! A gift from Jim last year (after I had admired it). Kindred souls. She is sad looking, and I think of her as my worrying lady, where I can leave my worries for her to take care of.